Summertime on the Coast

by the GRWC Student Interns…

Redwoods in the summer

Redwoods in the summer

This year the summer solstice was on June 20th. Although that was the first day of summer, from then on the days started getting shorter. The summer is an amazing time because it’s not pitch black by six o’clock at night, and during the summer you don’t have to worry about walking around in the dark, or headlights, or getting off the beach until much later.

I enjoy summer’s late sun setting time. It’s so much less dreary and gloomy when the sun isn’t on its way to setting by the time I get home at four. Brighter, sunnier evenings are always so much more uplifting then dark ones.

Sunlight is such an important source of life for plants and animals. Plants of course need sunlight for photosynthesis, and many animals need it for warmth, or just waking hours. Sunlight and summer provide us with abundant sightings of wildlife, like wild foxes, bobcats, and many kinds of birds. Plants grow faster and often put out delicious berries and fruits. Really, one of the only drawbacks to summer is the bugs, particularly mosquitoes.

You can make the most of summer by going to the beach and Gualala river, camping, having marshmallow roasts around a campfire (as long as there’s no burn warning), long walks, and picnics. Summer is a beautiful and rich time on the northern California coast; make the best of it!