Talk in the Park

Snorkel Surveys in the Gualala

by the GRWC…

Saturday Park Talks at The Gualala Point Regional Park.

Saturday, July 29th Kathleen Morgan from the GRWC will talk about the Gualala River Watershed. Check out maps of the Gualala River Watershed, discuss the aquatic species the watershed supports, some of the geology, natural history and past/present human use of this river.

We are excited to share information, graphs and pictures on the river, restoration and monitoring we conduct out in the watershed. Learn about large-woody-debris, our rainwater catchment program designed to help our river weather the drought and road restoration projects to reduce the sediment endangering our habitat.

How healthy is the Gualala?  Learn the good news and the bad news and what 19 years of monitoring tells us.

Our Fish Out of Water will be there so you can take a picture as a Salmonid!

Talk is at noon.